Protesi capelli

protesi capelli veri, cure calvizie, calvizie maschili e femminili, parrucche



Custom solutions: Hair prostheses, easy to handle and use without risk to your health.




Our laboratory can help you to correct any kind of thinning hair or baldness.





We have adopted innovative systems to suit all requirements and especially suitable for all budgets.

Prostheses and Real hair wigs for men and women

Real hair prostheses

Epitesi costituita da capelli veri

If you are looking for a safe solution easy to manage with no risk to your health

RESOLVE INAESTHETICISMS Hair care as: Tricologici come:

Thinning, total alopecia, and baldness of any origin....

We have a custom solution tailored to your needs: our real hair prosthesis

Nothing is forgotten, our laboratory

Tipologie e gradi di calvizie

is able to correct any type of thinning or baldness


Tipologie e gradi di calvizie

Innovative systems to suit all needs and especially for all budgets (our commercial formula has reduced the costs that could drive up the price of the product to the end user: we have eliminated costs for advertising, sales networks, movement of personnel, travels, etc.. that inevitably burdened on the cost of hair implants.

Our real hair implants have a single intermediary:

Tipologie e gradi di calvizie



thus reducing all costs but allowing the product to remain intact in its quality and durability.

Our implants are comfortable, lightweight and invisible

All our implants are lightweight, breathable and that is why our customers can perform the everyday life in safety and peace of mind ... they are also able to do anything with them, such as going to the pool, play football and practice all kinds of sports completely safety and peace of mind.

The bases used are the latest generation and hairs are selected one by one.

Protesi capelli Protesi capelli Base protesi capelli Esempio di base per protesi capelli Bese sottile per protesi capelli Alternativa base protesi capelli Una base per protesi capelli Eoitesi protesi capelli

they are the thinner and stronger of the world.

Base epitesi microfil per protesi capelliProtesi capelli effetto cuteProtesi capelli effetto cute

the processing is done entirely by hand with patented systems

Lavorazione a mano dei capelli per protesi per capelli

hairs are selected one by one.

Our laboratory is also able, for any need of maintenance or repair, to offer personalized assistance.

The hair is of high quality

Ciocche capelli per protesi capelli

That hairs coming from countries of East Europe and India

The motivation is simple: Hairs are very similar (diameter, structure and ripple) to ours and give to our implants the natural and seamless integration with the hair of the wearer.

These hair implants are made with all the methods of the latest generation which permit a long duration.

For your further needs you can receive our assistance

reached by phone at 348-3833064 or by mail to give continuous support and security to your prosthesis with expert advice and all the components used for the maintenance and care as certified non-toxic glues, tapes and double-sided adhesive hypoallergenic various types for every need.

Nastri adesivi protesi capelli

In the Marche region

we are able to offer a service even at home.

Before ordering èis very important for us to get a photo of the area where you want to integrate your hair.


Alternatively you can SEND AN OLD IMPLANTS and we will give you an identical and new one implant.

Our deliveries

Occur on average in 30 days and can be up to 120 days depending on the complexity of the work and the urgency of your request.

You can make the payment either by

bank transfer